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LOGANSPORT – Noah Schafer, the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, announced that Zachery Gunter, 30, of Logansport was sentenced to thirteen years in the Indiana Department of Correction for Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, as well as Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury on an unrelated matter.  Four of those years were suspended to probation.  The sentencing was in Cass Superior Court 2 with Judge Stephen Roger Kitts, II presiding.  Chief Deputy Prosecutor Tom Lupke handled the case.

The Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury charge stemmed from a January of 2020 investigation by the Logansport Police Department, when officers were contacted by Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  The battery charge stemmed from an August of 2021 incident in the Cass County Jail, where Gunter was in an altercation with another inmate, striking him until he was unconscious.

During sentencing, the State asked the Court for the sentence based in part on the defendant’s criminal history, which included prior felony convictions for Criminal Recklessness in 2012, Battery with a Deadly Weapon in 2017, Failure to Return to Lawful Detention in 2018, and Possession of a Narcotic Drug in 2018.  The State also asked the Court to impose the sentence requested because of the age of the victim, who was not yet one year old at the time, as well as the fact that the defendant was in a position of having care, custody, or control of the victim of the offense.

Codefendant Deanna Harrison, who was also arrested and charged during the course of the investigation, is set for a pretrial conference on March 14, and a jury date of April 27.  All persons charged are presumed innocent until convicted.