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LOGANSPORT – Noah Schafer, the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, announced that James E. McCoy, 46, of Logansport, Indiana, was found guilty by a six person jury of felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia in a verdict taken Tuesday afternoon.

The conviction followed a one-day trial in which the jury heard evidence that on the morning of August 30, 2020, Logansport Police officers executed a search warrant on McCoy’s Logansport home.  The search resulted in officers locating three pipes and a baggie containing a white crystal substance in Mr. McCoy’s bedroom, which the defendant admitted were his.  At trial the defense presented the testimony of another witness who claimed possession of the illegal drugs, but under cross examination the witness had no explanation for why he had waited until McCoy’s trial to confess this.  The witness also initially testified the drugs were located in his own room, but other evidence showed the narcotics were located in the defendant’s room.

Mr. McCoy is scheduled to be sentenced in August.  He faces up to two and one-half years in the Cass County Jail.  He also faces felony charges of robbery resulting in injury, possession of methamphetamine and domestic battery in an unrelated matter currently pending in Cass Circuit Court.

Deputy Prosecutors Brian Tuinenga and AJ Ennis presented the case for the State.   Schafer commented regarding the outcome: “We’re grateful for the hard work the jury did and the message that this verdict sends about drugs in Cass County.  Brian and AJ did a great job presenting the evidence and securing a just conviction.”