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Office of the Cass County Prosecutor

Noah Voorhees | Cass County Prosecutor
"Prosecution is one of the core functions of government in a civil society. Without the rule of law, nothing else can flourish. A prosecutor is one of the cornerstones of the criminal justice system which establishes that rule of law, because he is charged with the administration of justice; that is, of giving to each accused person and victim of a crime that which is due. In pursuing this lofty goal, we hope to help both victims of crime and those caught in self-destructive patterns, to reinforce faith in the institutions of law enforcement and government, and to keep your family and mine safe, healthy and happy!"

-Cass County Prosecutor Noah Schafer

The Prosecuting Attorney for the 29th Judicial Circuit represents the State of Indiana in court, including:
  • All Adult and Juvenile Criminal Cases
  • Grand Jury Proceedings 
  • Handles child support issues, bad checks, and citizen complaints 
  • Charges defendants 
  • Oversees plea agreement policy 
  • Trains police departments on various laws and how they affect law enforcement 
  • Establishes procedures for obtaining prosecution